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Remote Desktop for Mobiles 2.0

Remote Desktop for Mobiles is a communication tool that gives you the unique ability to connect to y
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Remote Desktop for Mobiles is a communication tool that gives you the unique ability to connect to your desktop computer through the mobile phone and interact with it remotely.
Powered by this software, the mobile phone becomes extension of your eye and hand. Along with the remote desktop that you can view on the phone display in real time, you can execute mouse and keyboard commands using the phone's joystick or buttons. You can use this software with almost all currently popular mobile phones and RIM Blackberry devices as well. Besides, the Java client for usual Web browsers allows remote accessing from any other computers with various Web browsers and OS without installation of additional software.

Using Remote Desktop for Mobiles, you can send and receive mail, browse the Internet, edit a document in a word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds of other things that you typically do behind your home or office computer. And all this is lightning fast and remarkably easy. The intuitively transparent interface, simple navigation and the list of commonly used options fully compensate for the inconveniences of mobiles. On top of all this is the strong encryption algorithm that guarantees the highest level of data transfer protection.

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